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Colorado Springs Parent/Child Swim Lessons (1-3 years old)

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Full Armour Swim Team offers high quality, affordable swim lessons in Colorado Springs with small class sizes. We believe that it is important that all youth in Colorado Springs are able to afford quality swim lessons. Our swim lessons location is centrally located in Colorado Springs near Academy and Union. Kids Swimming Lessons available Kids age 3 to 12, Parent Child Swim Lessons (1to 3 Years Old), Teen Swim Lessons (13-16), and Adult Swim Lessons (16 to 100).

All Swim Lessons will take place at Full Armour Training Center:
2380 Montebello Dr W, Colorado Springs, CO 80918
We hope that you will join us for a free trial swim lesson and find out the Full Armour Difference.


These lessons require a parent to be in the water with the child!


Colorado Springs Toddler Swim Lesson Schedule







Parent Child Swim Lesson Pricing

8 Lesson Pack                 $120


Swim Lesson Pricing

5 Reasons To Enroll

Reasons to Enroll in Swim Lessons



Playing in the water is FUN! When your family knows how to swim, it opens up opportunities for your family whether it be water parks, the ocean, the lake or even the bathtub! Water is all around us, knowing how to be safe in and around it is critical. There is no better way to learn than swim lessons that have an emphasis in water safety.



Accidental drowning is the #1 Cause of Unintentional Death in children ages 1-4 years old, resulting is 27% of fatalities. In children age 5-9 years old drowning is responsible for 13% of deaths. Even as they grow up, 10% of unintentional deaths are caused by drowning for kids aged 10-14.

The only way to prevent these deaths are to make sure that children know what the rules are in and around water, and know how to get to safety if they were to fall into a pool or body of water. Swim lessons are the most ideal way to teach kids how to swim.



Swimming is a lifelong activity and can lead to a child expanding their options when it comes to sports and activities. Colorado Springs Swim School is partnered with Full Armour Swim Team. Just because a child has finished swim lessons, does not mean they have to stop swimming. They can compete in swim meets, try diving, scuba, water polo, and much more. Swim Team can be an enjoyable activity that promotes teamwork, camaraderie, personal achievement and a healthy lifestyle.



Water is FUN. When kids know how to be safe around water. The pool and natural bodies of water become playgrounds. Every kid remembers their time at the pool in the summer playing Marco Polo or going off the diving board. Our swim lessons are fun and engaging and lead to youth learning the safety skills to swim and play safely in any pool.



All kids prosper when they have the opportunity to develop healthy peer and adult relationships. All of our swim classes and activities take place in a safe environment with qualified, trained instructors.

Our Goal for our Swim Lessons is to Allow Your Child to Develop:

  • A Love For the Water & The Sport Of Swimming

  • Proficient Swimming Technique

  • Water Safety & Survival Techniques

  • Healthy Peer Relationships

  • A Necessary Life Skill That Can Lead to Future Opportunities

Try a Lesson For Free!


We Started To Ensure That Every Child Has The Ability to Learn How to Swim!

Regardless of financial constraint. Full Armour Swim Lessons aim to provide Affordable Swim Classes in Colorado Springs. Armed with an experienced team of swim lesson instructors and a swim lesson curriculum that utilizes the experience of teaching youth to swim, we offer unmatched excellence in the swim lesson space. 

Our owner, Jason Lupo searched far and wide and has prior experience teaching Starfish, WSI and YMCA curriculum, serving as an Aquatics Director at the YMCA and the Head Swim Coach for the Pikes Peak YMCA before starting Full Armour Swim Team and Swim Lessons in September 2016. Since then Full Armour has serviced the Colorado Springs area at over 10 different pools and has provided excellent service to over 1000 families.

Full Armour's swim lessons are designed to prepare kids for a future love of the water. Many of our swim lesson kids move on to join our swim team, become lifeguards and even swim in college and high school.

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