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Colorado Springs Adult Swim Lessons

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Swim lessons aren't just for kids. If you aren't confident in your swimming abilities, you are not alone. An estimated 44% of adults in America are not able to perform the necessary skills to be safe in water. Don't be afraid of the water anymore. These adult swim lessons are strictly for adults, so you won't be surrounded by a ton of kids and are taught by skilled adult instructors who have a long history of teaching adults to swim.

Our Adult Swim Lessons takes place on Thursday Nights from 6:30-7:30pm.

All Swim Lessons will take place at Full Armour Training Center:

2380 Montebello Dr W, Colorado Springs, CO 80918


We hope that you will join us for a free trial adult swim lesson and find out the Full Armour Difference.


Colorado Springs Adult Swim Lessons Schedule Begins Jan 4, 2024



Coming Soon





Adult Group Swim Lesson Pricing

8 Pack of Swim Lessons

Use Anytime, Never Expires



Swim Lesson Pricing

Some of the Reasons our Adults Take Lessons

I Want To Do A Triathlon But Am Scared of the Water.

I am looking for another way to exercise because I can't run anymore

Our Family Is Going on Vacation and I want to be Able to Enjoy the Water with My Kids

I enjoy the water, but I would really like to be able to swim so I can enjoy the ocean

I want to learn how to swim, because I never learned as a kid, but my kids know how.

My Kids are on Swim Team, and it would be cool to be able to train with them!

Whatever your reason, we are here to help!

Private Swim Lessons
Professional Swimmer

Adult Private Swim Lesson Pricing

Not Comfortable in a Group Setting, Try Private Lessons

4 Private Swim Lessons Package


8 Private Swim Lessons Package


Try a Lesson For Free!


We Started To Ensure That Every Child Has The Ability to Learn How to Swim!

Regardless of financial constraint. Full Armour Swim Lessons aim to provide Affordable Swim Classes in Colorado Springs. Armed with an experienced team of swim lesson instructors and a swim lesson curriculum that utilizes the experience of teaching youth to swim, we offer unmatched excellence in the swim lesson space. 

Our owner, Jason Lupo searched far and wide and has prior experience teaching Starfish, WSI and YMCA curriculum, serving as an Aquatics Director at the YMCA and the Head Swim Coach for the Pikes Peak YMCA before starting Full Armour Swim Team and Swim Lessons in September 2016. Since then Full Armour has serviced the Colorado Springs area at over 10 different pools and has provided excellent service to over 1000 families.

Full Armour's swim lessons are designed to prepare kids for a future love of the water. Many of our swim lesson kids move on to join our swim team, become lifeguards and even swim in college and high school.

Affordable Swim Lessons in Colorado Springs
Elite Swim Team Colorado Springs

Adult Swim Lessons Colorado Springs

Adult Swimming Lessons Colorado Springs

Adult Swim Classes Colorado Springs

Adult Swimming Lessons Colorado Springs

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