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New Swimmer Info

We are excited to have you on the team!



-We recommend Squire swimmers attend a minimum of 1-2 times a week, Commanders 3-4 times a week, and Knights 5 times a week.


-During practice, training swimsuits are highly recommended. No two piece suits.


-Training suits and other swim gear can be found at,, We also have suits and some gear in our swim shop in the gym. You can check out the swim shop during any dryland time. 


Swim Meet Signup


-All swimmers are able to register and start competing. Please look for which meets are appropriate for each group. That info can be found on the meet information under each meet.(Look under the events tab on teamunify)


-On Deck App is highly useful, and you can even sign your swimmer up for meets thru the app(look under the "Events" tab)


-You are able to “declare” they will attend a meet.  If you'd like their coach to choose their events, just leave the events blank and hit "declare" (Just be sure to add in the notes section if you will not be attending all the days of the meet. The notes section is only available when you sign into your account online). 


-If you choose events for your swimmer, coaches may change events before we submit entries due to meet timeline or season training schedule. 


-Please read all the information on the swim meet page before signing up.  Pricing, spectator info., pool location, and event info is all available when you go click on the meet under "Events" tab.


-Entries can not be edited after registration deadline. All meet fees are nonrefundable even if a swimmer is unable to attend the meet. 


-If a warmup time is in the meet info, it is just an estimate.  We put it there so families are able to plan ahead.  We do not get final warm up time, heat sheets, timeline until a day or two ahead of the meet.


Swim Meet Info.


-Some swim meets require you to bring your own chair.  Some meets offer stadium seating. 


-Swim Meets do require parent volunteers to time. Each team is required to provide timers. A day or two before the meet we send out final info. We let the team know how many timers we will need and let people sign up. No experience is required and they have a timers meeting before every meet to explain how it works. Thankfully we have had wonderful parents who volunteer, and we have not had to assign timing responsibilities. But we do not want the same parents obligated to time every single meet. So please be helpful in this area. We try to split up the responsibility so parents do not have to time for very long. 


-Extra cap and goggles are always recommended to have on hand. Also plenty of water and snacks. Sometimes they do sell snacks at the meets, but not always.


-Competitive goggles are highly encouraged and make a big difference. Those can also be found in our swim shop or at,,


-Competitive swimsuits are required for competition.  No tie back suits. No suits with zippers or bows. If your swimmer is competing in the 12 and under session and would like to wear a tech suit, it needs to be an approved USA Swimming tech suit for that age group. Please check with your coach for more details about tech suits. 


-If we get heat sheets, we will always send them out.  Arms need to be marked BEFORE warm up. (marker tends to not stay on the arm well after they have been in the water) If the heat sheet is not emailed, they are usually selling heat sheets at the pool.  So just make sure you arrive early enough to mark your swimmer's arm before warm up. 


-Below is a helpful video on how to mark your swimmers arm(Please make sure their arm is marked where they can easily read it)

Swim Fees


-Swim fees will come out of your account on date of registration deadline(or within the day or two after).


-Once we send entries in(on registration deadline), swimmers are responsible for fees even if unable to attend the meet. 


-Please pay attention to meet info.  Sometimes fees are imposed if a swimmer misses an event. 

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