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Finding the Pool

Doherty HS

Doherty High School is located at:

4515 Barnes Rd

Colorado Springs, CO 80917


The pool is located on the back side of the building near the fields and courts.


You can park in either parking lot and take the walkway/road behind the school.


Look for a long bench and double doors. These doors will be cracked open, enter through the doors and you will find the pool. 

Sierra HS

Sierra High School is located at:

2250 Jet Wing Dr

Colorado Springs, CO 80916


The pool is located on the west side of the building (if you are looking at the building from the front, the right side of the building).


Go to the end of the parking lot and look straight at the school and you will see double doors leading to the pool.

The Swimmery

The Swimmery is located at:

4065 Nonchalant Cir S

Colorado Springs, CO 80917

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