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2023-24 Swim Team

We are still months away from the next swim team starting, and registration isn't even open, however we are so excited to share some of the things we have the opportunity to do next year, I think the list will excite you!

  • Beginner Swim Team will be moved to 5pm, allowing younger kids to get fed and in bed at a reasonable time!

  • Intermediate/Advanced Swimmers will finish most nights no later than 8pm.

  • Dryland and Strength and Conditioning will be in the same location and will be offered at times that make it allowable for all swimmers to attend.

  • We will have one practice a week will boys and girls will practice separately, combined with a devotional. This is something I am personally really excited about!

  • No more sharing lanes with swim lessons, swim lessons have a separate warm water pool.

  • Each practice will have access to 6 lanes, spreading out our groups and ensuring a more quality practice

We are excited for all the opportunities. However, you don't have to wait! Join us this Summer for Summer Swim Team or join our Competitive Swim Team, and no we don't have 6am practices over the Summer, we will be starting at 8am!

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